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Beautiful Beds In Edinburgh

Ready to update your old bedframe or mattress in Edinburgh?

The average mattress lasts for around 7-10 years, so if yours is older than that the chances are it needs to be replaced.

Looking for a new bed can be an exciting journey, but it can also be stressful and long-winded. After all, this isn’t a small purchase and the last thing you want to do is make a mistake, either with the sizing or the style of bed. A good bedframe can last for a long time so it’s crucial you’re 100% happy with your choice.

You might need some help choosing the right frame and mattress- which is where Leith Bed Centre come in.

Our team are truly passionate about beds and have helped thousands of people in Edinburgh to find the bedframe and mattress they need. We understand that you want a bed that’s not only super-comfy but looks beautiful and complements the interior design scheme of your bedroom.

Based in Great Junction Road, Leith, we attract customers from all over Edinburgh and frequently have amazing offers to save you money when buying a new bed. We can also remove your old bed for you where needed, making the whole process as smooth as possible.

If you’re based in Edinburgh don’t hesitate to visit Leith Bed Centre today.

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By Tram

Get off the tram at the Foot of the Walk Tram Stop, which is only a 4 min walk from our shop.

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There are many buses you can get to our shop depending on where you are coming from in Edinburgh. Please click here to plan your journey.

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