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Looking for unbeatable deals on the best-branded beds? 

With over 40 years of experience, Leith Bed Centre has a huge stock of bed frames and mattresses. Based in the trendy port district of Leith, the shop is ideal for customers in Edinburgh looking to get the best possible deal on frames and mattresses.

Before investing in a new bed, it’s important to make measurements of your space. Nobody wants to order a beautiful new bed, only to find it doesn’t fit. Leith Bed Centre can offer both ready-made and bespoke sizes.

What’s the best bed for your lifestyle and health requirements?

Perhaps you need lots of storage or you often suffer from a bad back, or maybe you need a bed that’s big enough for a duvet-hogging partner! All of these factors should be considered. At Leith Bed Centre we have all styles and sizes of frame and mattress to choose from.

You should also consider what kind of deal you’re after. Look to a bed shop in Edinburgh that has leading brands. At Leith Bed Centre you’ll only find the finest brands available including Sweet Dreams and Slumberland.

No matter what you might be looking for, our friendly team are always keen to assist you in buying a new bed. We also offer a highly efficient delivery service.

Find out more aboutour bed shop in Edinburgh today.

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