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Looking for Quality Mattresses in Edinburgh?

Want every night to be a good night’s sleep in Edinburgh? If you’re constantly tossing and turning, the chances are you need a new mattress.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping and Leith Bed Centre want to make sure your dreams are as sweet as possible.

One poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that 92% say a comfortable mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep We’re surprised it isn’t 100%, as this part of your bed is highly important. The wrong mattress can cause bad back pain and make it much harder to have an enjoyable rest. No matter how good a bed frame looks, if the mattress feels uncomfortable, it won’t be a pleasant experience.

With studies showing a lack of sleep can cause depression, anxiety and stress, it’s clear it makes a huge difference to our lives.

If you need a new mattress in Edinburgh, Leith Bed Centre have both mattresses and frames in a range of sizes.

We have hundreds of mattresses available instore and inline, including those from Sweet Dreams, Times Beds and Myer’s. You are guaranteed to sleep easy when you choose one of our beds, whether you’re looking for a 3’’ single or Super King-Sized mattress.

We want you to look forward to hitting the hay every night!

Browse our range of mattresses in Edinburgh today, or simply visit our show room.

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