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Super King Size Beds/ Best Bed Store in Edinburgh

Are you sick of rolling around 4am, counting down the hours until you have to wake up?

Perhaps you just want to improve your sleep schedule. We at Leith Bed Centre appreciate a good night’s sleep as much as you do. 

We have a wide variety of the finest quality bedding and mattresses so that you know that purchasing from us will get you that good nights rest you’ve always deserved. You can sleep soundly on our 3″ deep memory foam plus mattress, allowing you to sink into your preferred position and disappear into the night on a bed – almost made of clouds tailored for you.

Perhaps you like your space, we have a wide variety of Super King Size beds available, meaning you can spread out and still sink into your own personal dreaming space. No longer will you have to contend with your significant other for the duvet.

Whether you’re after a particular brand or type of bedding, whether you’re someone who wants to crawl inside your duvet covers and hide away from the world for a bit, or if you’re just looking to upgrade the bedroom, we cannot stress enough the amount of duvet and bedding options available from Leith Bed Centre.

Why not check out our collections on our website, alternatively if you’re looking for more details regarding our products and what we sell at the best bed shop in Edinburgh, give us a ring on: 0131 553 3933

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