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The Right Bed Shop Will Ensure You Stay Comfortable | The Bed Shed

Most of us look forward to that moment when we get a chance to go to bed and relax, in preparation for a good sleep, but to do this, you need to have the right bed. Your bed should be comfortable and you shouldn’t wake up to aches and pains and if this is the case, it might be worth looking at a change. Beds have a shelf life and need to be replaced when they become uncomfortable and this is where we can help.

Find the right bed

At Leith Bed Centre, we have a wide range of beds – both for adults and children. We have a selection to suit a wide range of needs, including those which double up for visitors and beds which also act as a place for extra storage. We also have beds for children, including bed frames which make bedtime more fun for your little ones. With these beds, you won’t struggle to get them to go to bed, although it might be difficult to get them to leave.

Contact us today

Why not come along to check out the beds for yourself or if you want to order online, you can do this directly from our website. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss your needs in more detail, you can reach us on 0131 553 3933.

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Get off the tram at the Foot of the Walk Tram Stop, which is only a 4 min walk from our shop.

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