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Mattress & Bed Uplifts

When we are delivering in Edinburgh & surrounding area, we can dispose of your old bed or mattress. The cost for that is £25 for a bed or £19.50 for a mattress. (please phone us on 0131 553 3933 if you require this service or you can purchase your bed uplift when you check out. Your local council will also offer an uplift and disposal service.

Uplift should consist of either 1 base and mattress, or 2 half bases and mattress.

If your base is a wooden or metal frame, it must be dismantled and secured into 3 manageable bundles ready for uplift.

Mattress Care Advice

Most modern day mattresses have very generous filling layers for your comfort. Do not worry if hollows appear in the sleeping areas of your mattress, this is quite normal

Your mattress is going through the natural settlement and bedding in stage. It is caused as a result of the fillings compacting under body weight. It is not ‘sagging’ springs etc. Gradually, all the fillings will compress. Regular mattress turning and/or rotating aids this process.

It is very common to notice a ridge in the middle of a mattress. This occurs most in king size and super king size mattresses. This is due to the fact that it does not get slept on regularly. You can reduce this by using the centre of the mattress when you can, to help the comfort layers settle.

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